How it began...
In February of 2011 our baby boy Elliott was born. He was healthy and perfect. 

Around 3 months old a rash appeared on Elliott's face. His pediatrician said it was just eczema and would go away if we just changed our laundry detergent. After trying multiple detergents, sensitive soaps, and hypoallergenic lotions, the rash was still there and growing. It eventually spread to his elbows, knees, back, and ankles. Our baby was miserable and so were we. He itched so much that he couldn't sleep or play. It was effecting his growth and development. We tested for allergens and completely changed his diet. We tried doctor after doctor, prescription after prescription and the rash just worsened.

I spent my days and nights in intense research, looking for others with similar cases. There seemed to be a common element with every eczema case out there - additives in soap aggravate and exacerbate the disease; fragrances, lathering agents, colorants, parabens, and many other unnatural factors. We found that even so-called sensitive soap has irritants. So then began the search for a soap for Elliott. The skin absorbs a surprising amount of the elements that come in contact with it. As we learned about commercial soaps and the harsh chemicals they contained, we realized that no one should be bathing in these toxins.  We found several "all-natural" soaps, even some local ones, but even those contained some chemical or additive that was irritating our baby. Even the natural bars seemed to use an unnecessary sudsing agent, a nut oil or food he was allergic to, or GMO soybean oil that you would never want to rub on sensitive skin. 

The answer to our problem was clear, we needed to make our own. And the results were wonderful. 

-keller-family.jpgKrystn Keller

Keller Works Skin Care Co.