Elderberry Throat Spray (4 oz.)

Elderberry Throat Spray (4 oz.)

4 oz.
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Elderberry Throat Spray -

Helps to decrease the discomfort of sore throat while also helping to boost immunity. Elderberry is also noted to help decrease nasal congestion by reducing sinus swelling. 

Instructions: For irritated throat, 2 mists to back of throat 3-4 times per day.

Black European Elderberry has been long known to boost the immune system and decrease the length of time a cold or virus lingers. It's particularly effective against influenza strains and is supported by the CDC as an effective compliment to the immune system during the cold and flu season. It has also been found to assist in reducing cholesterol and inflammation.

Elderberries are sourced locally in Lucedale, Mississippi and all products are made in a commercial inspected kitchen.